Health Benefits of Playing Soccer

Today soccer is a very popular kind of sports. The rules of soccer are quite simple and easy to understand. You need only a ball, few people, and a field to play. Recently, scientists examined the impact of soccer on the human body. They found that soccer is very good for our health. Let’s look at the six health benefits of playing soccer.


1. Improves Heart Health

On average, in the 90 minutes of a soccer match, the player runs approximately 6.5 miles, moving on their feet, jogging, and running quickly. During the whole match, players get a really good cardio workout, which improves their heart health.


2. Burns Fat

Playing soccer contributes to fat burning and muscle building. It is estimated that during soccer training, on average players burn more calories than people do during most other sports. It is because soccer regularly incorporates different kinds of activity.


3. Teaches Teamworking

soccer is a team game, so, it is important for every player to play coherently to win. soccer players should understand and feel their teammates. Only then it is possible to achieve the necessary results.


4. Improves the Coordination

Soccer players need to quickly run, stop, change the direction of their moves while watching the ball. The outcome of the game may depend on how direct a pass or catching a ball will be. Players need to be very attentive and organized. That’s why their coordination is much better than the coordination of an average human.


5. Reduces Anxiety

Soccer like other types of physical activity releases a flood of endorphins, which reduce stress and anxiety levels.


6. Has a Positive Impact on Brain Function

Soccer players need to make rapid decisions – this contributes to increased concentration. Players always need to assess the situation on a soccer field, and in this way, they improve their cognition.


Soccer Injuries and How to Prevent Them

It is important, however, to know the disadvantages of soccer. This game is quite traumatic. The most common injuries are head injuries, knee injuries, and ankle injuries. Head injuries, of course, have bad consequences for soccer players. They may have sleeping problems and depression after head injuries. Sometimes closed and open bone fractures may occur. Injuries of motor joints are also common and very dangerous.

The good news is that soccer players know how to protect themselves from injuries. Before playing, they warm up their joints and muscles to prevent sprain and other injuries. Soccer players regularly train their torso muscles, do cardio, muscle stretching, especially the leg muscles.

To prevent bad consequences during soccer, doctors and trainers need to monitor the game, they’ll give you useful advice and provide guidance, which may help you play soccer the right and safe way.



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Written by Amelia Grant

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