Two Things I Learned About Conversation Marketing

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Hey, we need to talk.

2016 is almost over, how was your marketing campaign?

What was your greatest challenges? What was your greatest breakthrough?

I have followed the marketing trend in 2016 very closely, from big brand like Coca-Cola “Share a coke campaign” to my neighbor small business “Take a sip for free campaign”And I must confess, ideas are very important in marketing.

I was motivated when my neighbor approached me with her marketing campaign ideas, we sat together, discuss the options and alternatives then we finally choose one.Our conversation was very helpful and she is always glad each time I step into her office.

Just like Coca-Cola share a coke campaign. Take a sip for free campaign also had its major challenges and breakthrough. For those of us, who are very familiar with traditional marketing, one thing that makes traditional marketing to be very successful is “Word of the mouth”

“Word of the mouth” Comes in two form, positive or negative, both can be very beneficial or damaging to your brand. For example:
“Have you ever been to the food centre before?”


“Wow! Thank God, their food are the worst, I don’t think I will ever go there again”

“Well, l heard differently, I think I will love to visit them, I like the environment, it….. ”

The result of the conversation can go either way, depending on the strength of their argument. Because, there is a big correlation between what you know and what you are told.

I recently join a conversation on a relationship where the marriage counsellor was arguing with one of her client.

” You know your husband was broke, why did you ask him to buy you a car? ”

“You don’t seem to understand me, what difference will your question make, I’m thinking of how to get answers, you are here bulldozing me with questions”

“Madam, calm down, do you still love your husband?”

“Wait, is that a question? what kind of stupid counsellor are you? ”

“You came to get answers, will you allow me to do my job?”

We were a bit confused at first, because none of us were briefed with what led to their arguments but we enjoyed every bit of it since it was just a show.

” Are you sure that woman is a Marriage counselor?” someone asked me.

“Well, that’s what they told us” I answered.

One of my dearest friend Bryan Kramer once said ” There are some people who listen to you when you are talking, there are other people who just wait for their turn”

Here are the two things I learned about conversation marketing:

1. You talk, They listen:

There are always two side in a conversation; you and your audience.
As a brand, before meeting your audience, they may have little or no knowledge of what you are about discussing, but they are ready and willing to listen to you.

In conversation marketing, it’s very important that you provide enough information when you are in charge of the conversation.
Take for instance, you meet two young men on the road and you want to introduce your new skin care products to them.

Do you just walk up to them and say “Please, this is a very good skin care products, please patronize me” Or you just walk closer to them to have a conversation which can convert them to a long term customer?

The first approach may result in a yes or no answer, but the second approach will have another sentence to the yes or no.

Conversation marketing goes hand in hand with relationship building and developing trust.

The main point is, have your products in your hand, but have the customer in your heart during conversation marketing.

2.They talk, You listen, then conclude.

As a reminder, it’s doesn’t look good to interrupt your audience when they are responding to your conversation.
Such interruption come in these forms;
“oh! I forgot to mention this… ”

“Before you continue, I need to remind you of what I said or what I didn’t say”

“No, no, no, that’s a lie, I didn’t say that” etc.
When your customer is responding, try as much as you can to embrace silence, (except if he or she ask a question for clarification) and wait for the conclusion.

Conversation marketing is a two way process between your brand and your audience. You talk, they listen, they talk, you listen then you conclude.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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