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    13 Best Android Games like Red Dead Redemption 2

    1. West Gunfighter With over 4.6 star ratings this games tops our list and like red read redemption 2 you can take part in several storyline missions, graphics might be not good as RDR 2 but you will enjoy completing activities, roaming around the map and the wild west. Customize your character, choose your horse […] More

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    7 Best Android Games like GTA 5 that you should try

    GTA 5 released approximately 5 years ago but its android version is what fans are still waiting for and we are not even sure that it will release or not.Anyways, GTA 5 is still not on android but there are some games that are almost like GTA 5. Some of these Android games like GTA […] More

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    9 Tips to Maintain Your Android Secure

    Android Operating System has come with new advantages for Android device user, again. There was some problem, they have said about this unsafe problem. But today Android operating system is using for different kind of works. Antivirus You’ll be happy to know that your Android smartphone or device is as equal as a computer. But […] More