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    Preparing to Run a Horse Business

    Consider the example of setting up a riding school, agistment or livery property. That is, people pay to keep their horse on your property. This may otherwise be known as ‘grazing rights.’ Perhaps for the amount you charge and the number of paying clients, this just covers your mortgage repayments. In this case, it is […] More

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    5 Ways You Can Use Virtual Executive Assistant to Grow Your Business

    Smart business owners recognize the importance of productivity and getting more clients to the business. But, lack of manpower and over-expenditure are their main concern in the path to achieving high-quality assistance. Hence, they hire Virtual Assistants, who are remote employees to help the business grow in a lot of ways. Virtual Executive Assistants have […] More

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    Elon Musk sued for fraud, might be ousted from Tesla

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been sued for fraud by US federal regulators, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), over his Tesla privatization tweet. The lawsuit seeks to bar Musk from serving an executive or director of publicly traded companies like Tesla. Musk had earlier tweeted that he planned to take Tesla private, and had […] More

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    B2B Collaboration: Necessity of Middle Market Firms

    It has never been easier for businesses to collaborate with other partners. A wrong partner can lead your business late payments, insufficient services, quality issues, and you may even face legal problems. Now, the most important thing is, businesses need to know who are they dealing with? Especially, for middle-market firms, continuously working with the […] More

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    Why Content Marketing is Important for the Growth of your Business

    Adoption of interactive technologies to communicate with prospects and customers in this emerging media consumption habits has brought a change in the way consumers perceive messages. “Content Marketing” lets you speak effectively with today’s customers. Let us dig a deep dive into Content Marketing and its important, as it is. What actually is Content Marketing? […] More

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    Clear Communication Is Now A Leadership Imperative

    EYEFUL INSIGHTS JOURNAL TO DIRECT THE C-SUITE TO NEW PRESENTATION THINKING Eyeful Presentations launches the Eyeful Insights Journal to ensure the C-Suite have access to the presentation imperatives that they need to understand and embrace to deliver clear communication in these most challenging of times. Leicester, UK, May 15, 2018– Eyeful Presentations, a leading presentation […] More

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    Parenting Made Easy

    I’m a super mom but I’m not Super-Mom. I don’t care about getting credit for being a parent. I would rather the help because parenting is hard to accomplish solo. You can try to do it all but you’ll wear yourself out then complain letter. It takes a village to raise a child. Delegation and […] More