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    How Handwriting Can Boost Your Child’s Brain

    It’s strange to say, but handwriting has almost become a lost art these days. Most people can remember growing up and spending hours learning to write by hand, and study the art of cursive communication. With all the technology and gadgets at our disposal today, you may wonder if there’s even a need at all […] More

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    Sponsoring a Student

    Sponsoring a Student Since the beginning of the war in 2011, the educational cycle has stopped all around Syria, particularly in conflict zones where the majority of schools has been destroyed. As a result, students have dropped off education and sought work opportunities to provide income for their families. The extended war has also weakened […] More

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    Education Program

    Education Program Following a belief that education is pivotal to society building, and in light of the severe damage inflicted on the educational system by a terrible war that torment different Syrian neighborhoods, we spare no effort to embrace the greatest number of dropped out students who were deprived of education and left vulnerable to […] More