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    Securing Magento eCommerce Store from Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

    A cross-site scripting attack is a method of injecting malicious script in the web pages. It is a major security vulnerability that can ruin your Magento eCommerce reputation among users. Depending on the severity of XSS attack, user accounts, private data, card details etc. are compromised. Although cross-site scripting attack is done by inserting scripts […] More

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    Experience-Driven Commerce- Realizing the Power to Fuel Growth on Magento E-store

    An experience-driven commerce can be easily understood as maximizing your Magento eStore’s conversions while focusing on your customers more instead of your own products and marketing. If you succeed in delivering a great customer experience within areal-time and multi channel shopping environment, you are ensuring maximum of sales. In this writing, I have come up […] More