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    Your past victories ignites your tenacity to move on.

    As a saying says “the past is not a place to dwell but a place to learn”. We all once asked this question, “is it possible”, eventually it was. A war is a collection of battles fought. You passing through those challenges that made your skin tough is only a proof that greater things are […] More

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    What you don’t visualize you can’t materialize

    Early last year, I told myself I needed a platform to speak to the world, particularly a radio station.  I started making inquiries, and in less than a week I was giving a slot at a radio station. All I visualized came into materialization because I saw and worked towards it in-spite of  my circumstances.  Why […] More

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    A Stranger To Self


    This world is a world of strangers But while some are strangers to the world Many others are strangers to themselves Are you to yourself a stranger Be sincere; you don’t need to be a smart player, If you are to yourself a stranger Then you are to the world a danger You need to […] More