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    What It Means To Dream About Death


    Dreaming about death doesn’t mean you’re going to die. Have you ever been told to “think happy thoughts” or “count sheep” when you haven’t been able to fall asleep for some reason or another? I know I was told that on numerous occasions and it never helped and to be quite honest, it made me […] More

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    The Realities of Depression In My Life

    So many people suffer from depression although the severity of it is different in everyone. Regardless of severity, depression robs us of things that make us happy and content. Depression steals what we once cherished and felt good about. Depression is like the devil in that it makes us suffer an immense amount of pain […] More

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    This Is What She Deserves


    She always ends up the one hurt and she’s sick of it. This girl is tired of being lied to, manipulated, used and just being treated plain shitty. She has to stop thinking she can save everyone. She needs to stop thinking everyone is good until proven wrong. She deserves the world and more. Anyone […] More

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    If There Is A God, She Needs You Right Now.


    The girl who’s always smiling can’t find it in her to fake it anymore… She’s exhausted. Please, help her. She fights every damn day with her demons and right now, they’re winning. The worst part is, there’s no telling what thoughts are racing through her head. She’s screaming and crying out for help but no […] More

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    His Best Personality Traits, Based On His Zodiac Sign

    SweetSweet CuteCute

    Every zodiac sign has their negative and positive characteristics to their personality. We are all perfectly imperfect but imperfectly perfect for someone. It’s human nature to want to find someone who has common personality characteristics that we possess although there are times when the opposite trait will help us to be level and balanced. Compatibility […] More

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