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    What It Means To Dream About Death


    Dreaming about death doesn’t mean you’re going to die. Have you ever been told to “think happy thoughts” or “count sheep” when you haven’t been able to fall asleep for some reason or another? I know I was told that on numerous occasions and it never helped and to be quite honest, it made me […] More

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    This Is What She Deserves


    She always ends up the one hurt and she’s sick of it. This girl is tired of being lied to, manipulated, used and just being treated plain shitty. She has to stop thinking she can save everyone. She needs to stop thinking everyone is good until proven wrong. She deserves the world and more. Anyone […] More

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    If There Is A God, She Needs You Right Now.


    The girl who’s always smiling can’t find it in her to fake it anymore… She’s exhausted. Please, help her. She fights every damn day with her demons and right now, they’re winning. The worst part is, there’s no telling what thoughts are racing through her head. She’s screaming and crying out for help but no […] More

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    His Best Personality Traits, Based On His Zodiac Sign

    SweetSweet CuteCute

    Every zodiac sign has their negative and positive characteristics to their personality. We are all perfectly imperfect but imperfectly perfect for someone. It’s human nature to want to find someone who has common personality characteristics that we possess although there are times when the opposite trait will help us to be level and balanced. Compatibility […] More

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    Lack Of Communication Can Lead To Stonewalling In Relationships

    Trending SweetSweet

    The experience of stonewalling will haunt me for a long time. It is traumatizing and debilitating. Stonewalling is the avoidance of communicating feelings or discussing problems with the other person in the relationship. It’s when your partner just completely shuts down on you, leaving you confused, vulnerable, and feeling unworthy. This usually includes the absence […] More

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    I Am Forgiving You For My Own Peace Of Mind

    Harboring resentment and fueling hatred completely drains me, it leaves me completely exhausted. Is isn’t worth it— no, you aren’t worth it. You were the person who I trusted with my entire vulnerable heart, and you just tore it in two like it was yesterday’s newspaper. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to forgive you. […] More

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    No Matter How Much You Love An Addict, It’s Okay To Leave

    SweetSweet CuteCute OMGOMG

    Addiction is ugly. Addiction is a monster. Addiction robs people of happiness and the ability to create and maintain any type of relationship. Being with someone who has an addiction is one of the hardest things I had ever experienced. Between the guilt, self-blame and believing I would save him negatively impacted my physical and […] More

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    I Owe No One An Apology For My Chronic Illness

    No one apologizes to me for having the flu and breaking plans. Why should I? Reading articles and seeing posts about chronic illness and the negative effect it can have on those affected sometimes becomes depressing. The articles are needed to spread awareness and inform people. I get that. But as someone with a chronic […] More

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