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    Causes and Treatment of Swelling After Botox

    Botox treatment is safe and has no reported severe complication reported after the procedure. This does not, however, signify it is never accompanied with some side effects. Luckily, all of the reported side effects of the procedure disappears after a few hours or days. One of the most common side effects of Botox treatment is […] More

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    How to Reduce Swelling After Botox and Lip Enhancement Injections

    Swelling is quite a common concern among cosmetic surgery patients. While the treated patients expect swelling (oedema) after their treatment, lip and dermal filler patients should consider a particular degree of swelling too. Luckily, this swelling after nonsurgical therapies usually resolves soon. Botox or lip injection patients can return to their jobs very soon after […] More

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    Tips to manage Hematoma and Swelling After Botox

    Botox or the botulinum toxin has many applications. It can be administered to prevent or slow down the development of wrinkles. It also used for arresting muscle spasms of elbows, wrists and fingers or muscle pain relief. Many undergo Botox treatment to stop excessive sweating in the feet, hands and armpits. After Botox treatment, it […] More