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    7 Natural Home Remedies For Lips Eczema

    Eczema upon the lip is especially common in the dry, cold winter season. Also termed as lip dermatitis or eczematous cheilitis, it’s an inflammatory skin problem that flares up and could lead to itchy rashes or painful blisters on or around the lips. It can be particularly irritating due to the resulting pain and appearance, […] More

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    13 Best Memes to Set Your Mood Light if You Have Eczema

    You got eczema. Surely it is prickly, itchy and what not. It’s tricky. Eczema, because sometimes it’s either cry or laugh and may be not too difficult to manage. Let’s have a look at the best memes that can release your stress. These may be the hilarious parodies that you need. A bit SCRATCHY sometimes. […] More

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    What is Perioral Dermatitis? Symptoms, causes and treatment

    What is perioral dermatitis? Perioral dermatitis, often called periorificial dermatitis as it can be around the nose or eyes as well, is an inflammatory rash involving the skin around the mouth. The rash may spread up to the nose or even the eyes. It usually appears as a scaly or red bumpy rash around the […] More

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    Eczema Herpeticum: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

    What is eczema? Eczema is a rash that causes dry, irritated, red, and itchy patches of skin. In most cases, eczema refers to atopic dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction that affects the skin. Eczema may go through periods of healing, known as remission, where there are virtually no symptoms. At other times, however, eczema […] More