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    Manchester United fans angry after video shows Fred and Alexis Sanchez in awful training drill

    Manchester United fans are concerned ahead of the new season after a video emerged of Alexis Sanchez, Fred and several other first-team players showing a startling lack of effort in training. Jose Mourinho has already bemoaned the lack of first-team players he has at his disposal during United’s pre-season tour of the United States, either […] More

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    The Guy You’re Going To Marry

    He’s the one who holds your hand in a dark movie theatre, even after years of going to see movies together. When there’s a scary or romantic or sad part, he always manages to find your hand between your seats and give it the littlest squeeze, or just let your fingers rest softly together. He […] More

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    All You Need To Know About SDN Application

    All You Need To Know About SDN Application What is Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Application? Software-defined networking application is a software program which is designed to perform a task in a software-defined networking environment. It is that approach to computer networking that not only allows network administrators to change programmatically, control, initialize, and manage network behaviour […] More

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    Theresa May avoids defeat by rebel MPs over ‘meaningful vote’ on final Brexit deal

    Theresa May has narrowly avoided a humiliating defeat over the Brexit bill after offering Conservative rebels ‘significant concessions’ from the government on the ‘meaningful vote’ when it returns to the House of Lords next week. May faced an uphill battle today, warning anti-Brexit Tory rebels not to defy her and back the Lords’ amendments to […] More

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