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    Manchester United fans angry after video shows Fred and Alexis Sanchez in awful training drill

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    Manchester United fans are concerned ahead of the new season after a video emerged of Alexis Sanchez, Fred and several other first-team players showing a startling lack of effort in training. Jose Mourinho has already bemoaned the lack of first-team players he has at his disposal during United’s pre-season tour of the United States, either […] More

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    The Guy You’re Going To Marry

    He’s the one who holds your hand in a dark movie theatre, even after years of going to see movies together. When there’s a scary or romantic or sad part, he always manages to find your hand between your seats and give it the littlest squeeze, or just let your fingers rest softly together. He […] More

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    All You Need To Know About SDN Application

    All You Need To Know About SDN Application What is Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Application? Software-defined networking application is a software program which is designed to perform a task in a software-defined networking environment. It is that approach to computer networking that not only allows network administrators to change programmatically, control, initialize, and manage network behaviour […] More

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    How to tell someone’s worth

    Most of us judge people’s worth based on what we see and hear. The car they drive. The job they have. The skills they acquired. The color of their skin (more often than not). We look at these teeny clues to tell us whether someone will succeed in life, and whether they’re worth pursuing a […] More

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    Black teen who wanted directions shot at by white man

    A black 14-year-old boy who got lost in a Detroit suburban neighborhood while trying to get to school was shot at by a white homeowner after knocking on a door to ask directions, prosecutors said Friday, citing home security video and the account of the boy. Jeffery Zeigler, a retired Detroit firefighter, was arraigned Friday […] More

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    US student found dead in Bermuda after intense search

    A Pennsylvania college student who disappeared following a rugby tournament in Bermuda was found dead Monday after an intensive search of the British island territory. Searchers found the body of Mark Dombroski, 19, at the base of a colonial-era fort in a park not far from where he was last seen walking by himself on […] More

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    5 Things All Guys Wish Women Knew About Men

    I had a very rude awakening when I was 22 years old. I had been dating this guy named Kurt for a few months. It wasn’t so serious but things were going well. I really liked him and that wasn’t a common thing for me! Then he ghosted on me. He was gone, vanished without […] More

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    7 key principles of content marketing

    As you grapple with how to speak effectively with today’s consumers, you’ve likely heard about something called “content marketing.” Maybe you’ve read about it in an article, or perhaps a colleague or consultant has suggested it to you. Content marketing is the process of marketing through creating and sharing content that potential customers find relevant, […] More

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    How to Make Your Skin Glow in Just Two Minutes

    ‘Massage makes you an active partner with your skin,’ says Su-Man. ‘It allows the blood and energy to flow to your face, giving it a lifted and brightened appearance.’ Sounds good to us! But before you scroll down for Su-Man’s video, check out her 4 top self-massage tips first: 1. ALWAYS WORK AGAINST THE EXPRESSION […] More

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