10 Tips to Improve Your Franchise Website Ranking for Improved Leads

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques play a vital role in improving your franchise website ranking.

Here are ten tips to improve your website ranking and drive more franchise leads.

  1. Improve Your Website Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is important for various reasons.

  • It is one of the important Google ranking factors
  • Slow page loading negatively impacts franchise website visitors, costing you franchise leads
  1. Work on Your Franchise Website On-Page SEO

The fastest way to improve your website’s Google ranking is to focus on your on-page SEO. It includes keywords in your title tag, skyscraper content, and at least 2-3x of keywords in your website content.

  1. Create & Publish High-Quality Content

For your franchise website to rank well on Google, you must create and publish high-quality content. People often read and share high-quality content on their social media pages, creating backlinks to your website.

The more the backlinks, the higher your Google ranking.

  1. Make Sure Your Content Matches Search Intent

Search intent is one of Google’s ranking factors. Do research and identify the search intent of people looking for your franchise business, and optimize your website content to target this search intent.

  1. Include LSI Keywords in Your Website Content

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords are keywords that are frequently bundled together since they share the same context.

Examples include “Farm+Fresh+Vegetables”, etc. Instead of including the exact keywords in your content, it is advisable to use LSI keywords to improve your search engine ranking and franchise leads.

  1. Pay Attention to your Under the Hood SEO as well

Make sure your franchise website is devoid of any technical issues since it hurts your Google ranking.

Look for broken links, HTTPS protocol, redundant code, etc.

  1. Build Backlinks to Your Franchise Website

Backlinks are important to building good website ranking, and the easiest way to do it is to create sharable content. This can help build relevant backlinks from websites with high authority, improving your Google ranking.

  1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Mobile usage is on the rise, and optimizing your franchise website for mobile devices is a basic necessity in any competitive business.

  1. Pay Attention to Titles & Descriptions

When you create titles, avoid using more than 65 characters. Make your descriptions interesting and capable of evoking emotions in your readers.

  1. Monitor Your Results

Without measuring results, you will never know which technique is working and which one is not. Monitor your results regularly for better results.

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