Three Common Mistakes to Avoid When Editing Videos

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Editing Videos

Editing videos has become a lot easier nowadays, with more and more user-friendly editors available. However at its core, it is still a skill that takes time to master, and many beginners often find that the videos they edit don’t quite turn out the way they planned – or sometimes end up looking worse.


To be frank, there are lots of mistakes that you will want to not make, and you’ll probably learn to do so with time and experience. However, when you first start out there are 3 common mistakes in particular that you should try to avoid:


  • Using the jump cut too frequently

The jump cut is when you transition the video from a point in the clip, to a point later on in the same clip. Because they look visually similar, it will often appear as if people and elements ‘jump’ out of place magically.


Beginners often overuse the jump cut due to their inexperience, and the end result is a video that is very jarring for viewers. Make it a point to avoid using the jump cut as much as possible, and learn about different types of cuts that you can use.


If you do need to cut to the same clip, try to ‘mask’ the jump cut by cutting to a different scene and then cutting back to the original clip (i.e. a cutaway).


  • Applying too many visual effects

Nowadays even some of the more basic editors have lots of visual effects, such as filters, animated transitions and out and out special effects. Just remember that although these effects can definitely help you to make your videos more visually interesting – too much of a good thing is bad.


Simply put you don’t ever want to use visual effects just for the sake of using visual effects. Instead every time you apply one it should be for a specific goal, such as to make the visuals line up with the mood of the video using filters.


Always be mindful of how many effects you’re using, and make sure they don’t cause your video to look unnatural – or tacky.


  • Not correcting the white balance or colors in advance

If you’re cutting together video footage that was shot at different times or using different cameras – you need to make sure they are white balanced. Otherwise you may find that the colors in the video are completely mismatched, which will make it look very much like an amateur production.


The good news is that most video editing software have automated white balance and color correction tools that are easy to use. That being said it may help to try manually adjusting the colors, to get a feel for how each parameter affects your videos.


Although there are many video editors out there, you should try to find one that is not only user-friendly but has a wide array of features. For example you could try Movavi Video Editor and use it to edit video in any of the ways described above – sans the common mistakes.


Overall you’ll find that there is definitely a learning curve that you will need to overcome when you start editing videos. However the more that you do edit videos and try out the various tools that are available, the better your understanding will be as to how they affect your video.

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