3 Sure Shot Fixes To Resolve The Parameter Is Incorrect On External Hard Drive

Sometimes while using external hard drive, people get an error called ‘the parameter is incorrect on external hard drive’. Well, this is a very common situation faced by several people and is complaining about it. So, keeping this mind, here I am going to introduce some fixes to resolve the parameter is incorrect on external hard drive error easily.

So, just try the fixes mentioned below and use your external hard drive without getting any interruption. But before that, let us first see some glimpses on how this error takes place, i.e. the causes of ‘the parameter is incorrect’ error.

What Causes ‘The Parameter is Incorrect’ Error To Occur?

Following are some of the major causes of getting an error stated as ‘the parameter is incorrect on external hard drive’:

#1: Directly Unplugging Removable Drive: Generally, people make the mistake of directly unplugging their external hard drive from the system most probably when the drive is still in action, i.e., transferring process is on.

#2: Bad Sector On The Hard Drive: Your hard drive might get failed if there are any bad sectors on the hard drive. Only a single bad sector can harm the entire partition inaccessible.

#3: USB Port Problem: Weak or bad power supply of the USB port may damage hard drive. USB drive cannot work smoothly or it may also stop working when the power supply is in bad condition.

#4: File System Goes Wrong: In some cases, this error is caused due to file system corruption. The file system’s role used to manage data on the partition for Windows. Corruption in the file system can give rise to the damaged drive.

Fixes to Resolve The Parameter Is Incorrect On External Hard Drive

Below, you can look at the solutions to resolve ‘the parameter is incorrect on external hard drive’ error.  With the help of these fixes, you will be able to easily fix the parameter is incorrect error on external hard drive.

Fix #1: Format The Inaccessible Drive

Partition formatting can make the inaccessible drive accessible. It used to create some new file system for the volume and you can then change the file system format with the way of formatting. Well, here the steps for formatting the drive are mentioned with the help of which you can fix the parameter is incorrect on external hard drive error:

Step 1: You need to first connect the hard drive to the computer through the USB port or motherboard.

Step 2: Next, you have to right-click on the option ‘This PC/My Computer’ and then go to Manage and then visit Disk Management.

Step 3: After this, make sure that you right-click the Raw drive or corrupted drive and then select Format. Next, you have to click the option ‘OK’ on the pop-up message box.

Step 4:  Next, you have to select Volume Label and then File System format and then check the option ‘Perform a Quick Format’ and then click ‘OK’. Doing so, the formatting will be completed.

After the formatting is complete, you can simply open the drive and you will see that there is no error message at all but all the files are removed from the external hard drive.

Fix #2: Run chkdsk/f/r To Check & Repair File System Errors

The command line is able to fix the external hard drive regarding bad sectors, cross-linked files, lost clusters, directory errors or file system errors. To do so, you have to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Windows Start button and then click on the option All Programs and Accessories. Now, right-click the Command Prompt option and then select Run as administrator. If you are asked to enter administrator or for any confirmation then simply type in the password or click Allow.

Step 2: Next, you have to type command line chkdsk /f /r X: where X is the drive letter of the inaccessible partition in the command prompt and then hit the key ‘Enter’.

Fix #3: Run SFC Scan

If the file system goes wrong then it means that the parameter is incorrect on external hard drive. However, SFC can scan the system and repair the corrupted and missing system files. So, to do so, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First of all, type ‘cmd’ in the search bar and then right-click on the Command Prompt and then select Run as administrator.

Step 2: Next, you have to type sfc /scannow in the command window and then hit the enter key to start. If there is an issue with the system files then it will ask for Windows installation media to fix the system.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s all for now. With the help of the above-mentioned fixes, you will be easily able to fix the parameter is incorrect on external hard drive error.

I hope all the above solutions will allow you to access your external hard drive without any kind of interruption.

However, if there is an error occur in your external hard drive again then make sure that you make a scheduled backup for the hard drive to avoid data loss situations.

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Written by Alex Waston

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