5 Reasons You Should Start a Blog Today

Starting a blog is very easy. It probably does not take more than 20 minutes to do so. But despite how easy it is, not so many people are embracing blogging.

If you have been hearing about “blogging” and bloggers” and you are wondering if it is something you should do, I hope this article helps you make a good decision.


5 reasons you should start a blog

I am listing out 5 reasons you should start a blog. If any of these reasons appeal to you then you probably should give blogging a chance.


1. Blogging can make you money

The truth is that blogging is not just about sitting around and writing on your computer all day. It is much more serious than that. Blogging is a job. It is a career. It is a business.

If you take blogging seriously, find a niche and develop a large audience, you can be assured of making money. I mean a lot of it.

According to Income diary, here is how much some high end bloggers make:

  • Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post made up to $2,330,000 per month before she sold it for US$315 million to AOL
  • Michael Arrington of Techcrunch makes up to $800,000 per month
  • Pete Cashmore of Mashable made up to $600,000 per month before he sold it for 50 million dollars

Blogging can be lucrative if you know what you are doing, willing to work hard and grow.


2. Blogging can open up opportunities

Blogging can be a big open door. There are many people who started as bloggers but ended up becoming more than just bloggers.

Gary Vaynerchuk started as a blogger. Blogging about wines. Made his name and built connections. Now he has built his wine store to multi million dollar business. Signed a seven figure book deal to  discuss the things that made him rich. He appears on TV regular. He is a LinkedIn influencer.


3. Blogging can make you famous

If the idea of becoming famous appeals to you then blogging can give you fame. Many unknown people have become famous simply by embracing blogging.

Do you know Mario Lavandeira? I bet you don’t. But he is a famous person. He is popularly known as Perez Hilton. He became famous blogging about celebrities. He has made many TV appearances, regular in red carpets, launched a radio show and much more.


4. Blogging can develop you

When you become a blogger, you become a knowledge bank. You have to consciously grow yourself so that you can impact others. So in the long run, blogging ultimately helps you become more knowledgeable than you were before.


5. Blogging can help you learn new skills

Bloggers do not just write. A bloggers is  reader, a marketer and much more. You may venture into blogging with just one skill but down the road you will end up being master of many skills.

I actually founded Trendiee.com. Building Trendiee helped me learnt new skills I never had before. And I am grateful that I learnt them.



Blogging is a very profitable venture or adventure, not just for the money but for the opportunities and the all round growth it brings. If you decide to go for it, take your time and enjoy the ride and grow. Start a blog today.

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