5 Top Tips to Recycle Old Blogs

Do you write new content every day?

It’s amazing what you can come up with new ideas and innovative techniques to engage your users every single time.

But wait. What about all your old content?

That absolutely mind-opening article you wrote about AI or that helpful guide about using bespoke

software in the workplace. Have you taken time to ensure that as your following increases, your old

content doesn’t go unnoticed?

Many businesses and their software companies often ignore their previous content in the pursuit to stay innovative and fresh. What they fail to realize is how they can benefit from already posted content by just taking a few careful steps. We’ve curated some helpful tips to get you started:


Never forget the power of a well-written email

Use your autoresponder the right way to remind your email subscribers how good of a content creator you are. While it’s not always recommended to include links to your old posts in these, if you play the cards right you could end up increasing traffic for both your current and previous articles.

Users are more likely to open the first few emails sent to them after they’ve subscribed to a list, so

remember to include links to your popular articles in these.


Internal links, internal links, and internal links!

One of the best examples for this would be when you’re talking about something a little advance or in continuation. For instance, your current article could be about increasing the number of backlinks referring to your website and you could take that chance to link to a previous article you’ve written on what backlinks are.

This is a great way to emphasize on getting your readers to check your previous content and let them know that whatever answers they’re looking for, they’re right here on your site.


Quora’s your best friend

Quora’s one of the best platforms to turn to when looking for answers. In fact, many people started

there before turning their articles into full-featured blogs. While users are searching for resolutions

to their queries, you can look for queries that your blog posts can resolve!

Just pick any well-performing article on your website and search up its title (or similar words) in Quora.

Pick any of the results from the list and write a few brief paragraphs to answer the question, paired with a link to read the rest on your blog. Careful not to post any links without attempting to answer the question though doesn’t go well with building a good reputation for your site.


Make Navigation Easier for Your Reader

Just as including internal links is important within your blog post, so is including them in your side-bars and below your posts. Again, the best option for you would be to put your highest performing posts up for people to see. You could also add a “See more” or “People also like” feature to link to other well-performing articles.

It can be helpful if they’re relevant to the post that’s originally been opened, but a diverse selection will also capture users’ interest. Better to mix and match and see what happens.


Turn Your Old Posts into Videos

2019 is the year of Video Marketing. Whether your purpose is to sell a product/service or just to

generate more traffic on your site, video marketing works amazingly well to achieve your goal. This is a creative and extremely effective way to put more life into your old content and reuse it to make your website look more dynamic.

Think of it like you’re making your website future-adaptable. The primary method of any selling or

information distribution is going to take video form very soon. This step is often ignored by people since video-making requires time and skills but putting some extra hours of work or employing a digital marketing agency can go a long way.

These are five tips that helped us and our clients refresh their old content into something new. What

methods do you use to recycle old content?

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