6 Features to Look for in a Travel Management Software

Business travel is an integral part of business operations in almost every organization. Right from meeting clients to attending seminars or getting souvenirs like great wine gifts sets, employees are required to plan business trips to various locations in the city, to different parts of the country, or even abroad ( learn more). With this comes accommodation, and managing the travel and accommodation requests of all the employees can be a mammoth task for an organization. A paper-based management system can lead to many issues, including errors in processing as well as unnecessary delay. Also, keeping a record of all the employees who have been on business trips, along with their details, can be time-consuming for the HR personnel.

The solution? The solution is an automated travel management software that automates the entire process. Digital HRMS is one such software that facilitates easy creation and approval of requests, and Beehive HRMS is another excellent platform for this purpose. These platforms offer a list of features that are best designed to optimize the process of managing travel requests.

1] Ease of Maintaining Booking Records

One of the primary applications of travel-management software is keeping a record of the travel bookings made. After all, multiple requests are raised and approved in an organization, and so it’s essential to keep track of the reservations that are made, and also to communicate the same to the respective stakeholders. An ideal software makes it easy for the travel admin to make the bookings and update it on the system accordingly.

2] Streamlined Functionalities

The travel management software you choose should provide you with all the required functionalities on a single platform. In other words, you should not be necessary to switch from one platform to another to get all the steps completed. So, ideal software is one that allows the user to raise requests, as well as access and edit them later on.

3] Good User Experience

Travel can involve unforeseen circumstances cropping up, and good travel management software is one that is well-equipped to handle emergencies. There can arise the need to reschedule bookings at the eleventh hour, or there can be the need to make new bookings due to change in plans. Thus a good software should be designed to handle such requirements.

4] Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing should be one of the critical factors that determine whether an organization should invest in travel management software. After all, hidden charges can often add up to unexpected amounts, which can be avoided with little consideration. The best bet is to choose a customizable tool that allows the user to pick and choose the features required and then pay for them accordingly.

5] Quick Raising of Requests

The primary reason an organization invests in a travel management software is to facilitate the quick and easy raising of requests for the employees. That’s the primary benefit of automating the entire thing, after all. So, unless and until the software makes it easy to raise and approve the requests, it is of little use. Hence, this is one feature to look for.

6] Detailed Reports

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is the reporting feature. An ideal travel management system is one that allows users to generate detailed reports of the travel requests raised and approved over a period of time, both at the individual employee as well as the organizational level.


The Final Word

So, that was a brief list of essential features to look for when choosing a travel management software. In addition to the features mentioned above, there can be other unique features that each tool offers. Whether or not an organization opts for the additional features, depends on its requirements and priorities.

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Written by Thomas Crystal

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