Best Smart Home Security Products in 2018


Majority of the people step up at the entry point in automation with a single specific problem that needs to be resolved. It could be anything from automating the garage door to turning off the lights the moment you shut the door. A smart home is a state-of-the home. Home security tips among the prime concerns as it’s not just about monetary safety but much more than that. With increasing crime rates across the globe over the years, it is essential to have a smart home security in order to ensure that your dear ones lead a protected and fearless life.

With the enhancements in solar technology that comes with soaring performance to secure, your home, there is a bevy of options that are available in the market right now.  Purchasing a home security is often considered as a second thought as they wonder if it’s really worth the money. But if you do not want to be in the shoes of victims we see in the news every day, you should adopt this. However, the home security devices that correlate with Indian housing system have certain issues ranging from accessibility to awareness. To ease your pain, we are breaking down the important and best home security devices that would certainly act as a thing or two to your secure home.

Ring Alarm System: This is one of the latest smart home security systems in the market. This system provides a clear hint of burglary as it comes with a motion detector and a contact sensor. Users also have an asset of adding more sensors to track the minute movements such as window sliding. You do not need to break the bank as it is one of the cheapest options available.


Smart Fencing:  Preserving any property is as important as acquiring them. The up-to-the-minute option is the solar security fencing system. With the increased number of thefts, this system could be life-threatening for the intruders as the moment when an object comes in contact with it, electric current passes through it and results in a shock to the intruder. Solar fencing is probably the least expensive yet gives the maximum security in today’s world. It is the most effective antidote against thieves, predators or trespassers into the prohibited areas.

This is often a painless and simple choice for securing home. The smart fence comes with the facility of easy and fast installation. As solar energy is a renewable source of energy, it is completely free. They secure the property, i.e., with a power backup which aids in supplying power at nights. Also, this does not harm the environment as it is pollution free despite the fact that there could be some pollution during the manufacturing of solar cells.


Vivint: You never have to worry about whether your home is secure or not in the workplace or somewhere else. You can monitor through the motions of windows and doors through multiple devices to get exactly what you desired. Vivint is an ideal choice for you if you are short of smart devices. The wireless sensors would alert you in case of any forced entry. On top of everything, if you are not able to hear the alarm, they have a team of well-trained employees who would respond and ensure if you are safe at home.


With these simple, effective and affordable smart home solutions simplify your homes. Let us know in the comment section below, what else do you look for home security at home.

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Written by Santosh Reddy

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