Evernote: Best Tool for Archiving Digital Things

Have you ever used Evernote? Evernote is the best tool for note taking and archiving your digital things. You can deposit here anything such as page, image, paragraph or excerpt, etc. Also, you don’t need to face any bindings here. You have also the ability to save the documents in different formats.

Several times, many people’s talks illegal about Evernote. This is just raving. It sounds like raucous. Also, they are divided into groups. One group thinks that this will ruin their business and other group thinks that why they will spend extra money if that will get without paying a single penny.

You can use Evernote for your various purposes. You can use it as your digital file cabinet, daily journal or project management system, designer, favorite tweet saver, etc. It will take lots of time to discuss its feature. Suppose, you an online marketer. You provide SEO submission service namely blog commenting sites list, social bookmarking sites list and RSS feed submission sites list. That’s why you need an online digital file cabinet to keep your up to date links, files, and information. In this case, you can use it.


Evernote is really a great app and error-free features. You cannot imagine how much it is dominating our lives. Really, it has an awesome feature to make our work easier.

But do you have enough knowledge about its feature? Any times you have come to your mind why you will use Evernote? I already mentioned that Evernote has lots of features.

Some Great Features from Evernote

  • People are always looking for a product that is not so high budgeted. Even if they get their product for free, then that is better. Evernote is a place where you can deposit your documents, files webpage, paragraph, etc.
  • You can keep all kinds of eBooks, portable documents, HTML content, images, etc. It is easy to save here.
  • You can use tags for searching for your files. Just write your tag in the search bar and recall your documents very easily.
  • You can save your writing idea here. They have a great tool to write your next blog post. You can use the same features that are used in your writer. You can make your text in any formats.
  • You can also create your daily templates from here. Suppose you need to attend the conference, so you can create your presentation with an outline. Not only that podcast introduction and outline, email replies, non-disclosure agreement, but consulting paper can also be made very easily.
  • I know you use twitter. Twitter is a great social media tool. You can tweet them about your favorite thing. But do you know that now you can save your favorite tweet with Evernote? Because Evernote has IFTTT apps. That is an awesome feature.


You need to confess that Evernote is really a multifunctional tool that makes your work very easy, save time and save your thing without losing its quality. In this reason, we can save our time for other work.

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