How To Create A Streaming App Like Netflix?

The Internet is a medium that is evolving industries at a fast pace for making our life simpler. Being a powerhouse of almost all the sectors that depend on internet technology in some manner or the other makes it a win-win factor.

Having tremendous potential, companies like Youtube, Dailymotion, Netflix, Voot and many others with its intelligent utilization has already dominated the video streaming market.

However, being a demand surplus sector, many startups are making the debut of on-demand video streaming apps. These apps are getting popular for the variety of contents they feature at cost-effective prices.


Netflix Clone is the solution that you require if the idea of owning an on-demand video streaming platform fascinates you.

What Is Netflix?


Founded in the year 1997, Netflix is a media service provider company with its headquarters in Los Gatos, California. It primarily deals in providing its user’s video content for online streaming in exchange for buying the subscriptions.

With over 182 million paid subscriptions, It is the leading on-demand video service provider that emerged from a DVD retailing business and setting a perfect example of a successful video streaming platform.

Many features make Netflix a popular choice when it comes to video surfing. With a wide range of videos available, that includes movies, tv shows, documentaries and much more that are high on quality makes it a showstopper.

With a well-laid business plan, you can also invest in the video streaming app development that is flourishing at a fast rate.


Essential Features In Netflix Clone

Development of a Netflix clone app is not enough for the success of your business idea, but the quality services provided to the users are a major drive force. There should exist a clear picture of the features that will make your app unique and user-friendly.


Basic Features: User-centric

Profile Setup: App should feature a convenient profile setup experience to the user.

Social Medial Log-In: The user should be able to login using its social networking account or email ID.

Profile Page: The user should be able to easily track their activities, manage passwords and view their subscription details on a dedicated profile page.

Search Bar: Search bar allows the user to access a video in a fraction of seconds by a manual search using the title, actors or genre.

Social Media Sharing: Users should be able to share their favorite video on social networking platforms.

Watchlist: The feature of adding favorite videos on the watch later list works as a cherry on the cake.

Rating and Reviews: A simple to use rating and review feature should be incorporated that should be visible publicly.

Real-Time Notifications: The on-demand video streaming app should feature real-time updates from the favorite channels on new video releases.


Advanced Features: User-centric

Bitcoin Wallet Integration: The rising trend of cryptocurrencies makes it a wise option to integrate these digital currencies for an added way of making secure transactions and also attract crypto users.

Adservice Integration: On particular demand, the developer can integrate the on-demand video streaming app with ad services to generate additional revenue.

Customized Video Player: You can opt to customize the video player to offer the customers enriched viewing experience. The video player with the integration of tools will allow the users to enjoy a personalized view.

Payment Gateway Integration: The developer can choose to integrate multiple payment gateways on special demand.

Promo Code: The integration of the promo code feature can help increase the popularity of the on-demand video streaming application. Not only the referral gets the benefits of using promo code but also the user.


Must-Have Features for Admin

Video Management: There should be easy access for the admin to control the video contents that are featured on the video broadcasting app.

Categorization: The admin should have effective control to categorize the videos. It will reduce the time taken to find a video, display suggestions that eventually make the video watching experience simple.


On-Demand Video Streaming App Development

The increase in the demand for video streaming apps like Netflix has inspired entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in app development. There are many examples, such as Play Now, a video streaming Netflix clone app. Ready-made scripts are used by the developers for the development of such apps.


To develop an app similar to Netflix, Netflix clone scripts are an effective and efficient solution. There are many benefits when it comes to using clone scripts, that are highlighted below-


  • Flawless Solutions: As Netflix is a full-fledged video streaming application built on a tried and tested platform, using its source script will increase the chances of success.
  • Cost-Efficient: Using a clone script saves you the cost incurred in initial research and development.
  • Result-Oriented: Netflix clone script will lead to faster results as it helps the developer in timely completing the project by incorporating simple optimizations of a pre-coded script.

The benefits, as mentioned above, make the Netflix clone scripts and ideal means for your video streaming app development project.


Closing Thoughts

The article provides basic information about Netflix and the advantage of Netflix Clone apps. The increasing access to the Internet and smartphones has inspired many companies to take their business online.

The increasing demand for video streaming applications makes it a billion-dollar industry. Investing in the development of a Netflix clone app can make your business a big success and earn you a name in the media and entertainment industry.

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Written by Suraj Singh

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