Importance of Inbound Marketing for Business Growth

Importance of Inbound Marketing


Business owners have now adopted digital platforms to grow their businesses but face many challenges while marketing. Today, I am introducing you a new methodology that can address your business and generate more leads and traffic. If you are one who focuses on the long-term objectives, you should be conscious of the importance of Inbound Marketing for Business Growth to automate your marketing.

  • Guest Blogging:

Blogging has gone through quite a long walk. It is a common practice in digital marketing to post the content on other websites which are what we call as guest blogging. It brings humongous organic traffic and the leads generated through this are sales-ready. Almost all digital marketing companies have adopted this approach as an SEO practice. Because the ultimate aim is to get quality traffic from the generated backlinks and drive more sales.

As long as blogs are alive, guest blogging is the kingmaker. The rules of blogging have been changed but the game is still the same. Guest blogging brings your brand in front of qualified leads. The traffic is highly targeted as the content would be of high-quality that establishes you as a brand in your associated field.

  • In-depth content is a sure shot:

However, blogging twice or thrice a week would fetch you not-so-bad results. But that is not enough to grow your business. Guest blogging does its own duty but blogging on your own sites also drives inbound traffic. Do not expect your business to be listed in Forbes the very next day. You should invest some time to create a high-value content that transforms your business. No pain, no gain dude.

  • Video Marketing:


According to Facebook, users are likely to watch live videos rather than recorded ones. Live video marketing has a significant potential for growth. Your inbound content marketing campaign through live videos has a chance to separate you from your competitors. Remember, “Pictures speak louder than words,” In many surveys, it has been identified that consumers prefer video over text. It tells stories in a more enthralling and engaging manner.

As per Forrester, one minute of video of the visually-rich video is equal to 1.8 million words. With the live streaming video feature of Facebook and Instagram, the inbound marketing for business growth is merely a cakewalk. Four videos of informative content would work great irrespective of the channel. Produce quality content and get the consumer get online.

  • Personalization:

Go for smart content which uses cookies and dynamic lists to deliver personalized content to your end customers. As personalization has been an important element on the scene for a long time and a major aspect of marketing. One-size-fits-all is no longer effective as consumers now access services via different channels and mediums.

Through personalization, they feel welcomed by your business. With smart content and personalization, businesses have the leverage to customize emails or push notifications based on consumer behavior, interests, purchase history, and demographics. For instance, a customer can be greeted as. “Welcome back, mate! We have missed you.

What can we do for you now?”With this approach, you can enhance your return on investment. According to EmailMonks, “the future of e-mail is real-time, behavior-based personalization.” The customized triggered emails based on behavior are three times more effective than normal emails. Marketers also believe that targeted customization improves customer engagement.

  • Quora:


Another unknown yet powerful tool in the arsenal of marketing. We understand that it is a strenuous task to decide which social media tool is worth your efforts. Quora is a great platform for inbound marketing as it has unique features that compel any inbound marketing agency. It is a user-friendly Q&A website that allows users to create personalized streams of information relevant to their interests. It is not a prospecting platform to advertise consistently. Your answers are more likely to be ‘collapsed’ or deleted by Quora moderation bots if they do not bring any value.

Anyone can build authentic profiles by answering the questions that match with the company’s objectives, which in return generate potential leads. For instance, if you are looking to market your digital marketing agency, you can answer questions like best social media marketing companies, referring your website link and the services you provide. On a side note, you should also answer or solve the questions on Quora to generate inbound leads. Ensure that answers should ideally be with proper formatting, bullet points, add an image if necessary to support your views.

  • Chatbots:


Social media has been firing on all cylinders as a lead frontier in businesses. A chatbot is a new extension that is a groundbreaking digital marketing trend. Marketers have been playing it safe by enabling chatbot feature on their website to reach out. With the uprise of voice search and the introduction of Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, it is now possible for customers to ask queries, receive information while doing another work simultaneously.

If you structure your bot appropriately, it is indeed difficult to identify if you are conversing with a human or bot. Many businesses have already implemented and the results have been off-the-charts. They can immensely alter the traffic flow into your website. Rates are superior to email open rates which make digital marketing services not to just ignore. For instance, customers place an order on PizzaHut either through a Facebook page or app. This could get more engagement as the page gets a number of customers at one time and chatbots can deal with them seamlessly. 

Bottom line: 

With the supersonic speed of technology evolution, this year is not less than promising for digital marketers. Whether you incorporate artificial intelligence or enable visual search, the importance of inbound marketing cannot be breached as it acquires you more leads and increases conversions.

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