Is The Design Software CAD On The Rise?

Is The Design Software CAD On The Rise?

Computer Aided Design (otherwise known as CAD) has been on the scene for decades as is the backbone technology for many design companies.  This can include designing simple things like electronics to more complex things like buildings, structures, and even aircraft engines. Cad software for electronics is progressing year on year with fantastic enhancements being made in order to make life a lot easier for the designer.

Alternatives To CAD

There are many different alternatives to using CAD.  Back in the day, people used to draw the design on paper and expect manufacturers to use the print as the specification to get on and make the components.  Clearly, times have changed and although there are many different software solutions available that are similar to CAD, none of them have really taken over the market with CAD software for electronics still being the primary design software used.

Platform Use

The number of platforms that CAD can now be used on is unbelievable.  With Windows, Linux, UNIX, and MAX OS X just a few of the main ones.  This list continues to grow with the CAD capability being requested from all types of computer users.

3D Modelling

With 3D being the new way to design components, CAD is leading the way here.  You can design and view in several different layouts which include both 2D and 3D.  This gives the user the great capability to move themselves around the product as if it was real life and ensure that the overall sub-assembly part is fit for purpose.  You can then zoom in and out of the product when in 3D mode to ensure every little last element of the design is reviewed before release to manufacture.  The drawings when coming out on print can be selected for either 2D or 3D modes.  Some of the most modern CAD packages even now have the capability for dynamic mathematical modeling.

Business Reliance

We are probably now at the stage where many businesses now fully rely on CAD as a reputable design software, to operate on a daily basis.  It is not just small components that are designed using this sort of software but it has the capability to actually design homes, factories, trains, and cars.  The vast majority of current companies that do design things have CAD in some form or another and they will rely on it greatly.  If CAD goes down then some business may go down with it.

Supporting Software Options

There has been a massive increase in the number of software packages that have CAD incorporated within it, in the past few years.  Clearly, because of the increasing demand for CAD to be used as the primary design solution for companies, the software companies have caught onto this and see it as a massive business opportunity.  We only anticipate that this will continue to rise in the next few years as developing countries now also get on board with this technology.

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