Tips to Consider Before Outsourcing PHP Developers in India

Outsourcing work is nothing new. Today, many big non-tech enterprises are choosing to outsource their work to smaller companies.

The most significant benefit is, of course, cost-saving.

Besides, you can avoid the hassles of hiring staff and manufacturing things. That’s why many companies are focused on contracting out the projects.

Offshore development is widespread now. The primary consideration is, of course, the cost. India is one such place where one can consider hiring developers at a much lower price.

Because of this, the same product can be developed at a much lower price.

The same applies to digital presence. Building your web presence can be tricky. Choosing a reliable PHP development company is the right decision to reduce costs and produce a more comprehensive result.


Why PHP?

  • No licensing fees
  • Server-side programming
  • Ability to run on Windows, Unix servers and Linux
  • Easy to set up an create a website
  • Having proper online documentation with an ethical framework
  • Useful for Website and Web Application Development

Features of PHP:

  • Simple and quicker
  • Platform independent
  • Case sensitive
  • Open source scripting language
  • Loosely typed language
  • Security
  • Familiarity


What Platforms Benefit from PHP:


WordPress: WordPress is an online free and runs on PHP. Standard features include a plugin design and a template system. Generally, a website built in WordPress is easy to maintain. Other options you can use include integrated WordPress management services. The goal is to maximize the benefits of the free service. More so, it enables the businesses to operate and maintain the website from admin panel, eliminating the need to seek professional help. Those looking to create a website with relative ease could use these content management systems and also consider Wix alternatives for other software options.


Drupal: Similar to WordPress, Drupal is also an open-source content management framework with a robust supportive community. It is available under the General Public License, and it features a back-end framework.


Joomla: Another free and open-source content management system is Joomla, which is quite useful for creating and managing dynamic websites. It uses a model-view-controller to develop compelling online applications.


CakePHP: CakePHP is also an open-source PHP web development framework that is widely used and time tested. It aims at making the applications much faster by providing a clean way to wrap up projects without any hassle, thanks to its MVC convention. Using this view, you can read, delete, and modify your data from the database.


Guidelines on Outsourcing PHP Developers:


Cost: Sometimes, a great idea might pop up at your mind, but due to the absence of proper tech support, you had to drop such an idea. To work on a great idea requires equally great tech support, which is well-equipped to perfect it.


Yes, you can be considering having your in-house team to work on your plan, but it is going to be a costly proposition and time-consuming too. It does not matter whether or not your development team is perfect and fully qualified. The reality is it is going to take you an arm and leg to afford this in-house facility. Outsourcing work to the custom website developers will save on a great deal. You don’t need to worry about salary, increment, and other obligations. All you need to do is to pay them on a project basis. No wonder it will reduce the unnecessary expenses that you can spend otherwise.


Time to Focus: Handing your work to another team frees you up, allowing you to focus on the significant areas of business. You can invest your time in other areas and plan your work accordingly. This will save you time and energy that could be used otherwise to accommodate your business needs.


Quality: Hiring a team of experts is not a cakewalk. In most cases, it is found that a considerable amount of money is wasted on things that ultimately pay off nothing. Make sure that you have an esteemed resource that can comprehend and work towards the end goals. Failure at maintaining quality can cause havoc on the ultimate result. So it is advisable to offshore PHP development company India which has a rich portfolio to its name.


Other things to be considered include communication, size of the company, recommendation, language, risk management, project management tool, plan for contingencies, and place of outsourcing. Hire an offshore PHP development company India that can help your business reach its ultimate.

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Ali Muhammadur
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