Best Shipping Practices to Boost E-commerce Sales

E-commerce shipping is a critical task for an e-commerce firm. It is a determining factor for your brand and holds importance in establishing a rapport with the buyer.

Your customer satisfaction is hugely dependent on the amount of time taken and the quality of delivery.

Therefore you must be completely thorough with your shipping process and also provide your customers with a smooth procedure so that you and your customers are sorted at both ends.

For doing so, here are a few best practices to get you started with smooth shipping and complete fulfilment.

1) Manage your warehouse and inventories

Your warehouse is from where most of your business will take place. Therefore, properly arrange your warehouse in storage compartments.

Segregate products based on categories and place them in racks and bins to optimize space and storage capabilities.

Make sure the products are stacked in perfect order and can be easily identified for packaging and shipping when you receive an order.

The storage compartments must be properly labelled and your inventory must be in sync with the product present in the warehouse.

This increases efficiency and reduces time and cost of packaging and shipping your products.

2) Calculate accurate weights of your products

Many courier companies follow the policy of accepting the dimensional weight or actual weight, whichever is higher.

Thus, be aware of both and make changes in your package accordingly. This saves you on shipping costs and also gives you more hold of managing to ship.

Dimensional weight is the length x breadth x height of the final package divided by 5000. (5000 is not a constant value and some companies even use 4000).

Volumetric Weight = (Length*Breadth*Height)/5000

3) Switch to a shipping software to automate operations

A shipping software will give you the freedom to focus more on your store and inventory as it will easily integrate with your e-commerce store and automate maximum shipping operations.

With a shipping software in place, you can automate activities like label printing, manifest generation, bulk order processing, catalog management and focus more on the marketing and promotion of your products.

4) Focus on quality packaging

Packaging will play a major role in customer satisfaction. Therefore invest more time in packaging design.

Make sure you use branded packaging to make your brand more evidently visible among your customers. If you have the budget you can even include free samples, discount coupons and other such things for promoting your brand.

In the wake of branded packaging do not ignore the safety aspects. Always seal the package from all edges and use water and pressure resistant tapes.

Make sure the labels are attached properly to the package and contain all the necessary details.

5) Offer limited free shipping

You can always offer free shipping to customers who make purchases for or above a certain amount. For example, Myntra offers free shipping on orders above 800 INR.

This decreases shopping cart abandonment and also encourages purchases for those who have a large order and also prompts people to add more to their cart.

It is a tested tactic and lures buyers to e-commerce sites. You can price your products to include the shipping costs or a part of the shipping costs. Therefore, you don’t need to write a delivery cost upfront.

A few more best practices will include being prompt to reply to your buyer’s grievance, making the delivery date clear upfront to aid in the buyer’s decision making, awareness of restricted items and to provide proper tracking information to the end customers.

With these practices in action, you have higher authority on your sales and can easily drive profits for your e-commerce store. Follow them for optimization of sales and increased profits, effective management and efficient shipping and to top it off – customer satisfaction.

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Written by Sanjay Kumar Negi

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