What Do You Need to Learn to Become an Expert in Data Science Certification?

Have you been thinking about making a career in Data Science, well, if the answer is YES, then probably you must not delay? The demand for data scientists is increasing as these individuals are responsible for converting messy, unstructured data into structured data which can reveal certain information and results. They make use of their analytical, mathematical and statistical skills to drive results from the data available with them. It is because of this information that companies can formulate strategies that help them expand their business. The role of data scientists is not merely restricted to just formulating marketing strategies, rather their role is inevitable in the field of finance, healthcare, and various other fields. If we say data is the king, then data scientist is the ones who are responsible for making it happen.


Skills required to become a data scientist:

If you are planning to become a data scientist, then you must first choose the right platform to learn. Global Tech Council provides data science certification that lets you become an expert. Their curriculum covers all the aspects of data science like programming, use of the statistical tool, analysis etc. But, to become a data science expert, you must have the right skill set. The following are the prerequisites of becoming a data science expert :


  1. Technical skills– One of the key requirements of becoming a data scientist is that you must have the knowledge about statistical analysts so that you can use this skill in deciphering data.
  2. Programming– having knowledge about programming languages like C, C++, Python, Peral, Java is important if you want to become a data science developer.
  3. Knowledge about analytical tools– If you wish to become a data expert, then you must have the knowledge about analytical skills  Hadoop, Spark Pig, and R are some tools that you must know that will help you learn data science.
  4. Efficient in working with unstructured data– When we talk about analyzing unstructured data, then we talk about the skills that a data scientist must have to manage the incoming data. Besides working on data, expert data scientists must be able to provide valuable insight to the client.


At Global Tech Council, you will not only learn about the concepts of data science but at the same time, you will be able to implement the concepts practically. Here you can take online training sessions conducted by industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the data science domain. For more information on becoming a data science expert, connect with us today.

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