What is the Purpose of a Website?

The internet is an unending spiral of web pages and websites that can keep you engaged for hours, maybe days, on end. There’s nothing you can’t do without the internet. Besides being the hub of entertainment for billions, the internet is also a goldmine for marketers. If you are a business owner who wants to increase their customer base or reach out to markets across the globe, the internet will offer you a plethora of opportunities to do so.

It is, therefore, highly important to have an online presence where you have the power to influence decisions of not just hundreds but maybe millions of potential customers, readers, or visitors (based on your goals).

So, what’s the first thing you will need to market your products and/or services to your customers? The answer is – a website.

As a member of the digital age, you already would have seen and browsed through umpteen websites based on your interests. Notable websites such as Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Amazon, etc. receive millions of visitors every day who happily devour the content they have to offer.

So, what exactly is a website? Simply put, a website is a collection of web pages. Each web page consists of information you’d like to provide your customers. A website is your online identity, business card, and a permanent ad. It runs 24/7 and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

You may say that you’ll stick to the tried and tested mediums of traditional marketing such as TV, radio, billboards, etc. because you’re not sold on this whole “internet” thing. But the mediums you prefer will cost you a lot of money. Besides, having a website has a number of advantages.

 Why do you need a website?  

There are many reasons why you need a website. To keep your attention and avoid giving you a reason to yawn, I’ll stick to 10 good reasons why a website for your business is a good investment.

1. It’s your access pass to the world

Billions of people access the internet every day. The image below gives a fair idea of how the internet functions.

The internet in 60 seconds

This goes to show that people are interacting with each other over the internet. People across the world are searching for data, videos, information, and everything under the sun. This user base is at your disposal with a website. You can also tap into markets that are beyond your geographic area with it.

With a website, you are reaching out to potentially millions of users who will be interested in your content, products, or services.

You have the opportunity to interact with, talk to, and influence the decisions of many.

2. It’s cheap

Setting up a website nowadays is easier than opening a bank account. You have agencies and online tools that will create a website for you in a matter of minutes.

You can think of your next great idea, create a website, and start your business all in the same day.

The price for creating a website goes upwards of INR 2500, depending on what you are looking for. And that’s a fairly small price to pay, don’t you think?

3. It’s your opportunity to get creative

Put on your creative hat and design the website you want.

You like grey because that’s the colour of your cat, so be it. Love accordion menus, add it there. Big fonts excite you, make it happen.

Your creative freedom isn’t suppressed with a website; it’s encouraged.

As the website is an online entity, you can decide its look and feel and customize it to your needs. Moreover, if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the website, you can change it then and there, as many times you want.

4. It’s on 24/7

Have you ever logged on to Amazon and found it not working? No matter the date or time, it’s always up and running. Isn’t that great? If you feel like purchasing a book in the middle of the night, Amazon is there to fulfil your wishes.

Websites don’t automatically close after dark. They don’t work office hours.

Websites are on 24/7 all year round.

Barring a few maintenance hours/minutes, websites are available whenever you want.

5. It allows you to talk to customers directly

A prominent feature of a website is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers directly.

You can add a chat feature or a form where they can submit their queries, which you can answer either immediately or after a set period of time.

Your website directly connects you to your customers. It provides a means by which you can talk to them, address their queries, take suggestions, request for feedback, and, in turn, improve their experience.

6. It gives you credibility

Having a website and an email ID assures your clients and customers you are a legitimate business and they can pursue business with your company.

For example, it is much better to have an email ID with business@mybusiness.com than business@gmail.com.

Wouldn’t you rather conduct business with someone who has credibility than someone who doesn’t? Think about it.

If Amazon sent emails from amazon@gmail.com, would you open the email?

No, right?

The same way, a website and an email ID will make you a credible business for clients and customers to engage with.

7. It evens out the playing field

How can you compete with bigwigs when you are starting out? You don’t have the funding, the infrastructure, or the people as companies such as Apple and Microsoft.

While getting to their level takes time, you can start with a website. Thanks to Net Neutrality, there is no restriction or freedom accorded to specific websites on the internet.

You can browse one website the same as the next. Amazon doesn’t run slower because it competes with Flipkart, the Microsoft website doesn’t hang when you open Apple’s simultaneously. Do you know why this happens?

Because irrespective of the company or its size, the internet works the same for everyone.

You too can put up your website and expect the same number of viewers as that for Amazon or Apple or Microsoft or any of your competitor because that’s how the internet works.

8. Its creation doesn’t require heavy technical skills

As we’ve mentioned before, a website can be created in a matter of minutes thanks to online applications such as Wix or agencies that specialize in it. If you prefer building a website from scratch, without external help, you need to know a few tools and technologies.

While simple websites may not require a high level of technical expertise, complex ones such as e-commerce sites do need some external, professional assistance.

9. It gives you an identity

A website is your business’ online identity. It is how customers know you and what you do.

If you sell soup, it’s how people will find your restaurant or soup station. If you offer writing services, it’s how clients will contact you for work. If you are an artist, it’s where you’ll put up your paintings.

With a website, you are creating an online identity that will be visible to the thousands and millions of visitors who will be interested in what you have to offer.

10. It allows you to showcase your products and services

The primary reason you have a website is to showcase what you have to offer to the world. It can be content in the form of a blog, an online showroom of your products, a catalogue of your services, a gallery of your creativity, and much more.

This brings us to the question, “What is the purpose of a website?” This is it. To show people across the world what you can provide for them. As simple as that.

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