The one thing you should be doing if you get frequent headaches

By Lindsay Champion

Welcome to the wonderful world of chronic headaches. But if you get them frequently, there’s an easy trick to try that could cut them down by half, a study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine says.

Take a vitamin B supplement. That’s it. In the study, doctors gave a group of migraine headache sufferers 400 mg of riboflavin (aka vitamin B2) once a day for six months. The patients reported getting half as many headaches while taking the supplement. (Unfortunately, the headaches they did get weren’t any less severe, but they did get fewer of them.)

So how much vitamin B2 should you take? Well, that’s the catch. The study participants were given 200 times the recommended daily allowance of riboflavin. So if a daily supplement seems to help decrease your headaches, talk to your doctor before upping your dose.

And good news—vitamin B2 is also found naturally in eggs, almonds, lamb, milk, yogurt and spinach. This calls for quiche.

(Source: Purewow)

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