How an app saved this woman unborn baby

By The Good News Network

Smart phones may be heavily criticized for their distracting qualities, but this maternity app just saved the life of a woman’s unborn child, good news network reports.

Emily Eekhoff first downloaded the “Count the Kicks” app when she was 28 weeks pregnant.

The app is designed to monitor the health of unborn children by recording the frequency of a baby’s kicks. A healthy baby is supposed to be kicking a fair amount every hour – but then, when Eekhoff became 33 weeks pregnant, the constant kicking stopped.

Concerned over the lack of movement, the 26-year-old mother went to the Mercy Medical Center, in Des Moines, Iowa to get checked out.

It’s good that she did, too – doctors found that the baby had a heartbeat, but no fetal movement. They immediately performed an emergency cesarean section. When Eekhoff’s daughter was delivered, it had the umbilical cord wrapped three times around its neck.

If Eekhoff hadn’t recognized the danger, the baby could have been stillborn.

But after receiving oxygen post-delivery, however, Ruby weighs in at 4 pounds and 3 ounces – and she is doing wonderfully.

The Count the Kicks app was designed by four women who all lost unborn children to similar situations. Eekhoff has thanked the creators profusely, saying that if it weren’t for their innovation, she would be mourning the death of her infant, rather than celebrating.

(WATCH the video below)

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