10 Things You Wished You Asked Before You Started Dating

Once you’ve been dating someone for some time, there might be a few details about that person that you didn’t expect to learn about. This is when you might start thinking about things that you wished you had asked before you started dating each other.

1. Ask about the goals that the person has and what they want to do in life. Although a career shouldn’t matter as long as you love someone, you don’t want to be in a relationship with a person who is set in not doing anything at all.

2. Find out if the person is comfortable with you talking to the opposite sex or spending time with your friends. Jealousy doesn’t go very far in many relationships, and you don’t want to feel like you’re being controlled.

3. Talk about chronic illnesses, especially any STDs that the person currently has or has had in the past. If you’ve been dating for some time and you’ve been intimate with the person you’re dating, then consider getting tested just in case.

4. Ask the person how they feel about expressing their feelings. Is it something that they do in public or do they enjoy sitting at home and watching a movie while showing how they feel about another person?

5. Religion is a topic that you want to talk about as well. If your religious beliefs are important to you and the other person doesn’t have the same views, then the relationship might not work in the future.

6. Does the other person believe in having sex before getting married? This is an important topic, especially if your religious beliefs play a factor when you are intimate with another person.

7. Find out how important communication is to the other person. Do you need to talk to each other every day, or can you go without talking to each other for a few days without one of you worrying that something is going on, such as talking to another person?

8. One of the questions that you need to ask is whether the person has a short temper or not. You need to know whether the person gets angry easily and how that anger is handled so that you are in a safe relationship.

9. Are there any bad habits that the person engages in, such as smoking or drinking?

10. Does the person want you to meet their family and friends? If not, there could be a reason as to why you’re not taken around the people the person is closest to in their life.

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