How to Face the Changes

In the life of a person there are many changes which can affect both positively and negatively, these changes in most cases, affect a person integrally, it affects more people in the learning process, because these changes can mark their life and even change it in a drastic way, obviously depending on how the person takes these changes, because if a person takes a positive change within that change there may be another one that makes the person improve and change many incorrect aspects that were previously part of him or her.

Definition of change

Change is that process in which the person himself begins to permute different aspects of his life such as The person changes his way of thinking, he can become more reflective, learn from his mistakes, etc.
Generally, these changes affect a positive way but it can become negative, these changes can affect the balance of the person’s environment, but so that this does not happen there is an adaptation to the changes.

What is an adaptation to changes?

This consists of accepting the events that occur in our life and even modifying our life in a positive way, making these changes not affect us in such a way that we change psychologically and socially as Becoming an introverted person, thinking in a very pessimistic way or in the worst case suicidal thoughts.

Types of changes


These changes are those that help us improve and / or improve ourselves as a person.


School change

This change generally affects children more, but it is almost always a positive change due to the new demand, higher quality of education and school staff.

Change of location

A change of place can affect in different ways both positive and negative this change can be beneficial in such a way that any person can generate new relationships or so to speak contacts can help us at any time and be beneficial in this way.


These changes are those that negatively affect a person making different permutations in their way of acting and / or obviously thinking in a bad way.


Parent Divorce:

The divorce of parents is a very radical change that affects the person, especially the child, in a very bad way, and can even become more impulsive in a way that is aggressive and disrespectful.

Positive attitude

Although it may not seem like the positive attitude greatly influences the degree of how it affects the changes in a person, when taking a change regardless of whether it is positive or negative if it is taken with a positive attitude the problem will pass like any other without obviously caring from this change, we human beings always take negative things as negative and positive things as positive, when in reality this is not the case, for this reason, the changes are taken with a positive attitude so that the seriousness of the matter does not happen to greater and It can become a problem and even more.

Negative attitude

This attitude is the opposite of the positive attitude, negative attitudes are negative dispositions and behaviors that a human being shows temporarily or constantly. That is, if a person has a negative attitude, he will tend to show behaviors that harm both himself and others, if we take any problem with a negative attitude what will happen is that the change is no longer going To be more this but it will become a problem that can have a great effect in a negative way within a person and will become a bad change in the integrity of any person.

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