4 Things we owe Christmas

I wrote a play on that title few years ago and the values I portrayed in the story are still true.

First, a little girl asked her father to buy her Christmas cloth, the Father informed her that there was no money, but that he has something special to give her on Christmas day, “What could it be? The little girl imagined. Disturb by the response from the father, she approached the mother for answers:

“Mummy, I need Christmas cloth” She asked. The mother was a little bit confused, she looked at her closely and kiss her forehead.

“Come here, dear child, your father is getting something special for you on Christmas day”

“What could be so special about this gift?” She ponders on so many things yet she couldn’t find an answer. There was no money, yet She was expecting something special on Christmas day.

On Christmas eve, She walked up to her father again to look for answers.
“Daddy, I have four gift for you, I will give you one now, and 3 tomorrow if you promised to tell me what you are getting for me tomorrow ”

The father carefully ignored her demands and tried to calm her down with a story. She didn’t like the story, but she started smiling.

” Why are you smiling? ” the father become so confused.
” That’s my number one gift for you, my smile, so tell me about my gift”

With tears in his eyes, the Father brought out four big boxes, the first box contains a watch, the second box contains an apple, the third box contains her pictures and the fourth box contains a big portrait of the family pictures.

“You are my everything” The father began.
“I will give you my time, my love, my attention and we will always be together, this is what I owe Christmas”

We all have our secrets and our stories. Christmas reminds us that we are one big family and we are meant to love and be there for one another.

As you celebrate today, remember to make time for your love ones, love and enjoy yourself, be there for others and enjoy every day of your life.

Merry Christmas from all of us.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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